Biomass Boilers

KWBImageBiomass is a term used to describe biological material that has been derived from living organisms. When we talk about biomass for energy, the term usually refers to plant based material such as wood, woodchip or wood pellets. This material is used in biomass boilers to produce heat for homes and businesses in a more environmentally friendly way than using fossil fuels. Choosing a commercial biomass boiler for your business is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst still retaining the functionality and control you would normally have with a fossil fuel powered boiler.

Our range of biomass boilers is aimed at the industrial and commercial market and includes everything from a 45kW system up to a huge 10MW+ solution. This range of boilers allow us to cover a project range of up to 20MW output, whilst burning a huge array of biomass fuels.


 Our range of services include:

  • design Consultancy
  • product specification
  • manufacture
  • bespoke design
  • boiler house layouts
  • building Energy Management control systems
  • installation
  • maintenance/service contracts