Boiler Optimisation

Boiler load compensation controls can deliver substantial energy savings – and therefore cost and emission reductions – in the heating of premises as diverse as offices, residential homes and schools through to hotels, prisons and courts.

BoilerOptimisationUnitThe technology (already installed to well over 15,000 boilers) ensures that the boiler is running at optimum efficiency. The optimisation unit prevents the unnecessary firing of the boiler (known as ‘drycycling’) by monitoring the hot water flow and return temperature to determine the real heating demand rather than the perceived demand generated by room thermostats.

The average saving delivered is around 15%, and in certain installations such as hotels and hospitals where there is a constant and high demand, the savings often exceed 20%. For this reason, we provide a no-nonsense, straightforward guarantee of savings of 10%.

GasSavingChartThe graph opposite shows the reduced running hours when the optimisation units are operational.  This is example is from a school which installed 26 optimisation units giving a 19.48% fuel reduction and ROI of <1 year.


  • reduces energy costs and carbon emissions
  • ensures a boiler is always running at maximum efficiency
  • displays how much energy the optimisation unit is saving
  • alerts you if the unit detects a fault in the heating system
  • monitors the effectiveness of your boiler maintenance programme
  • non-invasive 45-minute installation without disruption or long service interruptions
  • data download enables full performance analysis to be undertaken
  • user-friendly display panel and menu system
  • BMS compatible