Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is recommended in any process where there is heat that would otherwise just be discharged directly into the chimney. The energy loss in excess flue gas or process heat is typically 10% to 15%, of which approximately 80% can be recovered with a heat recovery system.

Heat recovery is particularly effective where the flue gas temperature is greater than 190°C and the operation has a reasonable demand for hot water. The higher the flue gas temperature and hot water demand the shorter the pay-back period. Burner size and site operating hours also influence the heat recovery values.

The recovery of heat takes place through a heat exchanger which is mounted in the flue or air channel. The heat exchanger transfers energy from the warm air to water, which is then transported to a buffer tank. From here the hot water can be used for heating or other processes.



  • RoI usually 3-4 years depending on operation
  • 2 year product warranty
  • Modulating system keeps running costs very low
  • High quality components ensure long life and low maintenance costs
  • The only system that guarantees the energy efficiency whilst recovering the heat
  • Savings of up to 15% on heating costs through heat recovery and mechanical draught systems
  • Recovered heat can be used for heating, cooling, a constant supply of hot water for cleaning or to preheat the water in the steam boilers thereby increasing the savings