"If you can't measure it you can't manage it"
    Peter Drucker, Social Ecologist

Energy Management & Monitoring

ARC’s automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) services, energy manager software and smart metering technology provide a real time, flexible and customisable energy management solution to enable businesses to operate and manage facilities at a lower energy cost.

The ability to monitor energy consumption, identify inefficiencies and highlight areas for improvement is an essential part of energy management.

Our monitoring system has been specifically developed to help SMEs save energy, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions. The highly accurate smart meters gather energy consumption data in real-time (typically reading once every minute) and our cloud based portal delivers dashboard visualisation, monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Easy to install, easy to extend – the system is fully scaleable – from as little as one metering point – and provides unparalleled visibility from distribution board to circuit to socket. The system can significantly reduce your resource consumption; reducing your environmental impact and your utility bills.

We can measure all your utilities including water and gas and we also covers micro-generation projects such as wind, solar, heat pumps, CHPs etc.

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Measure consumption
  • Monitor consumption against targets
  • Identify areas of waste
  • Set consumption targets and alerts
  • Analyse consumption patterns
  • Allocate costs accurately
  • Inform forecasting, targeting and budgeting processes