Energy Procurement

EnergyProcurementGraphProactively managing the price you pay for your energy is fundamental to improving your business’s ‘bottom line’. ARC work in partnership with a market leading energy broking and consultancy firm offering impartial advice on how to reduce and manage energy costs.

We work closely with all types of businesses to create the right strategy for purchasing their energy. By using our in depth knowledge of the energy markets and the key factors that affect them, we are able to assist our clients to ensure they pay the lowest possible price for their gas and electricity.

EnergyProcurementPilonsWe offer a completely free Energy review to let you know if you’re paying too much and how you can reduce your costs.

Our Services

  • Free energy review to establish how much your existing contracts cost
  • Daily market intelligence reports
  • Smart procurement due to pricing analysis and our ability to forward buy
  • Effective use of our purchasing power to drive-down prices
  • Access to special pricing and servicing teams due to good supplier relations
  • On-going invoice validation to ensure your invoices are correct