Foam Roof Insulation

Upstands1Exterior foam and coatings provide the practical way to insulate and weatherproof tired roofs with a lightweight, robust solution which instantly eliminates condensation and is applied without any disruption to the occupants.


The application of external Foam Spray Insulation has the following benefits:

  • Provides excellent thermal insulation (50mm layer of foam on a single skin asbestos cement roof will reduce the heat loss by 90%)
  • The foam and coatings are full resistant to ponding water
  • Enhances sound attenuation
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Easily applied no-slip finishes to create walkways
  • Quick installation with minimal disruption to the occupants
  • cost effective to install
  • Eliminates condensation – creates its own vapour control layer
  • Warranty period for the foam insulation system up to 20 years (if the topcoat (UV barrier) is treated after 10 years)
  • Can be used to create or improve existing falls (roof gradient)