Infrared Heating

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 Heat like the Sun with radiant heating

Infrared is a natural radiation, which accounts for almost 50% of the total radiation spectrum of the sun. Infrared radiation triggers a pleasant feeling of warmth on your skin. That is why it is also referred to as “heat radiation” – that explains why we in spite of low outdoor temperature feel warmth in the sun – even in winter.

Sun&SnowThink of a sunny winter day on a ski lodge. Despite sub-zero temperatures you can enjoy the day without freezing as long as the sun shines – but when covered by a cloud you immediately feel cold – even though the temperature has not changed at all. Without the infrared radiation of the sun, there would be no life on Earth.

Radiation has the characteristic to heat up the ceiling, wall, floor, people and obstacles in the room (which then release the heat back into the room) – much more than just heating up the air. The radiant heat transfer occurs directly and clearly differs from the convection heat, which only warms up the surrounding air. The aim is to keep the convective loss (rising warm air) as low as possible. In contrast to most solid materials air has a limited ability to absorb infrared radiation.

With the word “infrared” (infra comes from Latin, meaning beyond) it is clear that a range of electromagnetic radiation which this heating generates is beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum and therefore does not include any harmful UV-radiation.


The different infrared regions are distinguished by their wavelengths and our range visionary infrared products use the highly efficient infrared radiation as source of heat.  Our two ranges of ingenious heating solution use different parts of the infrared spectrum.

IR-C long-wave infrared: LAVA® Design Infrared and Industrial Infrared Heating

IR-A short-wave infrared: Outdoor Infrared Heating

Radiant Heat Vs Convection Heat


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