Industrial Infrared Heating

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Double panel Infrared radiant heater for department stores, industrial premises, village halls etc.


Warehouse with EZThe Industrial heater (also known as the EZ) is intended for total and supplementary heating, as well as protection against cold draughts from windows in environments such as department stores,assembly halls, industrial premises etc.

EZ  is  the perfect solution for heating working stations (e.g in a warehouse) as it gives instant heat, with no preheating  necessary, so  it is perfect for buildings that are used on an irregular basis, e.g village halls.

Heating with an EZ Industrial Heater is hygienic since it does not cause any air movements and as a consequence has been used in hospitals. EZ is an elegant and effective solution to cold draught problems, hence ideal for large glazed areas.


Radiant heaters give a soft, pleasant heat and individual comfort can be created with spot and zone heating. They also provide excellent protection against cold draught from windows. No moving parts mean a silent system that does not cause air movements and a hygienic indoor climate is created when the spread of dust, bacteria or odours is reduced.


Operation and economyHall with EZ

Radiant heaters have an easy and flexible installation and require a minimum of maintenance. Ceiling mounting leaves the walls free and increases safety. They give instant heat and the room temperature can be reduced with maintained comfort.



Clean and simple design that blends well with electrical fittings.


Product specifications

  • Surface structure for highest efficiencyHeater pic
  • The heaters are approved for serial connection
  • Fixtures for easy ceiling mounting are included
  • Corrosion proof casing, zinc plated and powder coated
  • Heating panel – naturally coated anodized aluminium
Type Heat Output
Amperage(A) Max.element
EZ-800 800 230V~ 3.5 340 650x50x290 4.9
EZ-1200 1200 230V~ 5.2 340 960x50x290 6.8
EZ-1600 1600 230V~ 7.4 340 1360x50x290 8.8
EZ-2000 2000 230V~ 9.6 340 1680x50x290 10.7
EZ-3000 3000 230V/400V2 2.0 340 1680x50x430 10.7
EZ-4000 4000 230V/400V2 2.0 340 1680x50x430 10.7


Installation height

Installation height





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