Infrared Applications

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Infrared radiant heaters are particularly efficient, providing a high level of thermal comfort for a wide range of ‘indoor‘ and ‘outdoor (e.g. patio)‘ applications.

LAVA_Whitegreen_LowResLAVA Infrared Heating Panels

A high quality, stylish and energy-efficient infrared heating panel for:

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Residential/Nursing homes
  • Domestic (houses, conservatories, garden offices)
  • Flats and communal corridors and stairwells
  • Bathrooms


Solamagic Infrared Heaters

Efficient indoor and outdoor radiant heating solution combining infrared radiation with perfected technology ideal for:

  • Domestic (balconies, patios, awnings, garages, summer houses)
  • Catering, alfresco dining and hospitality areas
  • Warehouses, industrial halls and assembly shops
  • Office entrance lobbies
  • Building sites
  • Churches and halls
  • Waiting areas
  • Spa and treatment rooms
  • Stables

Industrial Heaters

Warehouse with EZIntended as a total or supplementary infrared heating system which is ideally suited to:

  • Department stores
  • Warehouse and assembly halls (perfect solution for heating working stations)
  • Industrial premises
  • Village halls (buildings that are used on an irregular basis)


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