Infrared Heating Panels

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Superior comfort

LAVA-BlackGlassV2Highly efficient,  smart, cost-effective and silent LAVA® design infrared heaters are based on the principle of solar radiation. The cosy radiant heat emitted by the infrared panels warms up the thermal mass of a room (ceiling, walls, floor, furniture and people) where it is absorbed and gradually released back into the room. This homogeneous heating minimises convection currents resulting in a pleasant environment where you feel relaxed. Allergy sufferers benefit from infrared heat, as the heating process does not circulate dust particles.


Offering you choice

Our contemporary range allows you to choose from a simple powder coated finish through to an artist designed glass panel.

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LAVA® Basic

The appearance and function of the LAVA® BASIC has been optimised to provide even more heat radiation. This panel allows you to paint the surface to match your interior design. This model can also incorporate a towel rail.

Prices start from £190.56 (ex VAT)

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LAVA® Glass – A work of art

LavaGlassAttractive and elegant, the LAVA® Glass blends perfectly with modern interior design.  In addition to the existing four popular glass colours, there are LAVA® Mirrors and LAVA® Image with designs from various artists, the SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL series and the option to design your very own infrared heater with Design Your LAVA.

Prices start from £242.93 (ex VAT)

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LAVA® Ceramic – timeless and elegant

LAVA_CeramicThe new range of LAVA® CERAMIC merges technology of infrared heating with the timeless appearance of a natural stone heater. Three new colours offer the ideal combination of technology and modern design.

Prices start from £366.24 (ex VAT)

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LAVA® DM – Heating from above

Decke2-1000The LAVA DM range has been designed for heating from above, for example, for discreet heating in living areas, offices, bathrooms, schools, temporary site installations. Ceiling mounting allows optimal use of available space. Suited to the LAVA F, or a hard wired control system.

Prices start from £166.56 (ex VAT)

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Tried, tested and trusted in Europe

LAVA_BadV2Although relatively new to the UK, infrared heating is an established form of heating in Germany & Austria. We offer a full range of contemporary heating panels from Etherma in Austria who are market leaders in infrared heating technology.

Ease of installation

Infrared heating panels can be wall or ceiling mounted for the ultimate in flexibility. No expensive installation is required – simply plug and play with a choice of personalised heating controls. Infrared heating has no moving parts and there is no requirement for ongoing maintenance removing the headache of a traditional wet system.

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