Far Infrared Heating

Q: How does LAVA Design Far Infrared heating work?
Q: Is infrared radiation safe?
Q: How does the infrared disperse within a room, how far does it travel and does it reflect from various surfaces?
Q: Will Infrared heating affect my health?
Q: Does Infrared heating produce carbon emissions?

LAVA Design Infrared Heating Panels

Q: Where are LAVA Design infrared panels manufactured?
Q: Why are your panels more expensive than others I have found on the internet?
Q: How long is the product warranty?
Q: How hot does the surface of a Glass or Basic panel get?
Q: I understand that Infrared panels with a carbon crystal element are much better. Is that the material used for the Lava panels?

Using Infrared Heating

Q: What does infrared heating feel like?
Q: Will I reduce my heating bill by using infrared?
Q: Should I continue to use my Economy 7 tariff?
Q: How quickly does a room warm-up when heated by Infrared?
Q: If furniture is placed in front of the panel, will it reduce the effectiveness of the heating?
Q: Will infrared help reduce a damp area on one of my walls?
Q: I only have a small room and am concerned I will get uncomfortable before the room reaches the desired temperature?
Q: Will the far infrared waves from the heating panels damage the fruit in my fruit bowl?

Installing & Maintenance

Q:Are infrared panels easy to install?
Q: What electric supply does an infrared heater require?
Q: Where should the infrared panels be positioned?
Q:Does a LAVA panel have to be installed with the ‘up-arrows’ on the back of the panel facing up?
Q: Do you get optimum benefit from the panel if it is fitted to the ceiling?
Q: Will there be any on-going maintenance or servicing costs?
Q: I have been told if we remove the plug to install the LAVA panel it will invalidate the warranty?