LAVA Design Infrared Heaters

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Healthy warmth is not a trick – it is a ‘Work of Art’

LAVA® design infrared heaters are based on the principle of solar radiation. The infrared heat emitted not only warms up the air; the ceiling, walls, furniture and people also absorb the cosy radiant heat in the room. The heat is stored in the environment where it is released gradually back into the room. This homogeneous heating of the room results in a pleasant environment where you feel relaxed. Allergy sufferers can also benefit from infrared heat, as the heating process does not swirl dust particles.

Improved technology and functionality

3D - Luxus Apartment 08Design meets technology – is the premise for developing the LAVA® Infrared products. Through research and development Etherma have collected many new findings in recent years. Numerous test results, information from the market, surface and design proposals has resulted in further product development.

The panel surfaces have been further improved to increase heat radiation in accordance with current legislation

Offering you choice and flexibility

Virtually endless design options to enhance your room. You can create your own personal work of art with LAVA® infrared heaters thanks to the wide range of colours, designs and accessories. In addition to the four standard glass colours and the mirror version, the wide range of designs enable the heating to be integrated to become part of the interior design. You can also go one step further and turn the infrared panels into a work of art with LAVA® DYL.


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