Heating Controls

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Regulation Saves on Cost

energy-efficient-houseModern, precise control is the key to saving operating costs and avoiding wasting valuable energy. LAVA® offers a range of heating controls which allow the optimum system to be installed depending on the construction of the building or how the heating is used. The options are outlined below but please contact us so we can discuss the ideal solution for your project.

Control options


1) New builds,  major refurbishments and properties with hard wired thermostats.


Wired room thermostat and time control

All LAVA® infrared heaters are supplied without a control, with a plug lead and ON/OFF switch. They are, therefore, ideal for new construction and anywhere where wired room thermostats are used. The Plug & Play connection system (IP65) allows direct connection to a wired room thermostat and can be controlled by a a hard wired timer.

Perfect for new buildings and renovation, for example when old night storage heaters, which were controlled by thermostat, are replaced. The plug would need to removed from control unit, then the power source cable is wired into the thermostat wiring.

2) Optimum time and thermostatic  control without  hard wiring . Suited to both domestic and commercial buildings.

 Wireless radio-controlled LAVA ®-F:

Lava_FIdeal for buildings wanting a new heating system with minimal disruption as controls are wireless.

Radio-controlled thermostats enable a quick installation as they avoid any cable routing  allowing  easy installation of heaters. The LAVA®-F radio receiver can be quickly fitted to all LAVA® 2.0 plug and play panels using the connection system.

The radio receivers are controlled with an ET-11A for just thermostatic control, or with an ET-12A for time and temperature control. One ET-12A can control up to 99 panels, hence suited to an office, warehouse or large room.  In a domestic building one ET12-A can control the whole dwelling, but if different heating zones are required e.g bedrooms cooler than reception rooms, then more are needed; one per heating zone.

The ET-12A has a programmable weekly program, frost protection function, manual mode and on/off function. An ET12 A is needed per heating zone. Hence if bedrooms wanted to be lower than reception rooms then 2 ET12A’s would be needed. Likewise and office and a warehouse may need 2.


3) Properties with modern construction built to minimum 2006 building regulations for insulation. Heating is controlled by thermostat to provide unrivaled levels of thermal comfort.

F Controls

The infrared heating combined with quality insulation delivers a highly efficient heating system providing consistent thermal comfort. Perfect for domestic properties, nursing/residential homes, hotels, communal areas of residential blocks, etc.

In addition The R is  perfect as a supplementary heating, for example in a conservatory, or a reception room requiring a day time boost when the main system is turned off.  The older generation will appreciate both the reduced bills and particularly the health benefits associated with infrared heating.

The LAVA®-R controls, developed specifically for infrared heaters can be quickly fitted to all LAVA® 2.0 plug and play panels using the connection system. The thermostat controls the room temperature within a range of 5°C to 35°C.

4) Remote system for ultimate control inside and outside; ideal for landlords, hotels and second home owners.

The integrated thermostat LAVA ®-R combined with eNexho

The LAVA®-R thermostat can be fitted to all LAVA® 2.0 using the connection system. In combination with the eNEXHO home automation system, you can also conveniently control your LAVA® design infrared heater using a smartphone, tablet or PC when you are out and about.

Please call us on 0800 2100288 so we can ensure you get the most appropriate heating controls to maximise your energy saving.