Water Damage Repair

Infrared Drypanel – fast, easy, efficient

DrypanelInfrared Drypanels® speed up the process of restoring water damage and reducing wall dampness.

Uniform heating of a damp building structure through infrared radiation draws dampness out of the structure and causes it to condense and disperse into the surrounding air.

This drying process is effective and prevents any damage to the walls whilst minimising the power supply loading and energy consumption.

Innovative Austrian technology to meet the highest demands

Infrared Drypanel® are setting new benchmarks with regards to reliability and energy efficiency. Over 50,000 hours in long-term stress testing provide a guarantee of high operational reliability making innovative flat panel technology a persuasive drying solution.

  • minimal set-up costs and maintenance
  • Only targeted areas of a room need to be heated
  • short warm-up times
  • minimal electricity consumption
  • low power requirement allow multiple Drypanel® installations
  • over 50,000 hours use due to new heating technology
  • TÜV-tested safety concept
  • increased resilience through new safety surface
  • additional protection against overheating incl. auto-shut-off

Product Range

The infrared DRYPANEL® benefits from:

  • easy handling
  • minimal set-up costs
  • noiseless operation
  • low power consumption


Model Size (cm) Output (watt) Weight (kg)
DRYPANEL BT 64 eco+ 64 x 37 ~ 170 W 3,5
DRYPANEL BTS 28 eco+ 115 x 28 ~ 220 W 4,5
DRYPANEL BT 115 eco+ 115 x 55 ~ 425 W 7,6

Accessories: floor stands, panel couplings, quick-release fixing brackets, telescopic poles.