Mounting Options

Flexible mounting options save valuable working time.  The new generation of Drypanel® benefits from:

  • unique floor stand concept – fast and requires no tools
  • integrated transportation solution – no loose parts
  • flexible frame construction – for different operations
  • innovative technique – for shorter drying times
  • chip resistant coating – premium look


Pedestal_Moounting1) Pedestal mount

The innovative floor stand is attached to the frame using a thumbscrews to avoid the use of tools. In transport mode, the feet can be fixed on the inside of the panel to avoid damage occurring during transport.

2) Wall-mount

Wall_MountingWall mounting is the most commonly used method. In safe areas, the Drypanel® can be easily mounted on a nail or hook located in the wall, because of the fold at the back of the panel framework. For non-secure areas a mounting bracket connection can be used to attach the Drypanel® to the brickwork.

3) Installing with telescopic poles

thumb_381__gallerySliderBigThe infrared Drypanels® can be mounted on free-standing telescopic poles so they can easily be raised or lowered as required. Panels can be mounted above each other to increase the drying area. The advantage of this type of mounting is that the masonry is not damaged by nails or screws and therefore particularly suitable where a complete refurbishment is not necessary.

4) Ceiling-mount

Ceiling_MountingA firm screw connection between the Drypanel® and the ceiling is made using a mounting bracket.

WARNING: sufficient ventilation of the equipment is needed.