Why Choose Infrared Heating

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Infrared (also known a Radiant) heating provides unparalleled levels of thermal comfort, taking heating to a completely new level.  Silent, safe and eco-friendly, this heating solution is nearly 100% efficient and inexpensive to run, helping you cut your carbon footprint and your fuel bills.

High performance, low cost heating

With nearly 100% efficiency, far infrared heating literally infuses your building with warmth. Using the same type of heat energy that is produced by the sun, the infrared heaters sink warmth into the walls, floors and objects in the room, making you feel more comfortable more quickly. Infrared heating has been shown to reduce typical heating bills by on average 12%, although greater savings are possible in buildings with no mains gas supply.

solarfarmSustainable heating

With a growing emphasis on renewable energy, it is clear that electricity will be the heating fuel of the future.  By investing in an infrared heating system you are future proofing your home or business, and preparing for a more sustainable lifestyle

Easy installation, maintenance free

Mount your infrared heating panel on the wall, on the ceiling, or leave it free standing for the ultimate in flexibility. No expensive installation required – simply plug and play. Infrared heating has no moving parts and there is no requirement to service it regularly.

Safe, healthy and built to last

These heating units have been fully tested and have received the full approval of the European Union. Because the infrared heat is radiated rather than circulated in a convection current, this form of heating does not disturb dust and other allergens, thereby creating a healthier environment for asthma sufferers or others with respiratory issues. Infrared is used by physiotherapists to treat stiffness and joint pain, and is well known to promote general feelings of wellbeing and good health.

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