"The lack of finance is one of the biggest barriers to energy efficiency projects. Yet financiers say that there is abundant capital seeking a good home"
    the energyst, Financing Energy Efficiency 2015 Report

Project Finance

finance-1There are various sources of finance available for installations of renewable technology and other ‘carbon reduction’ measures.

It is possible for an installation or project to be entirely Self-financing. This means the cashflows/savings from the technology will pay-off both the interest and the capital from the loan.

Non-profit organisations

Some of the funding is aimed at non-profit organisations such as schools, universities and churches, and some is aimed at community installations, for example by parish councils, voluntary associations, sports clubs and faith groups.


cleantech logo1We like to offer our customers as much support as we can and this includes sourcing funding solutions when it is their preferred option. In order to do this, we work closely with the team at CleanTech Leasing.

CleanTech Leasing is a specialist financing consultancy working primarily in energy-efficiency, energy-saving, energy-generation and energy-storage technologies and offering both on and off-balance sheet products.

If you would like further information we would be pleased to effect an introduction on a no obligation basis.