Thermacool Ceilings

In buildings where the thermal mass benefits from the building fabric is lost due to improved insulation and airtightness measures; or in steel or timber structures which have little or no thermal mass performance, the ThermaCool™ tiles and wall panels offer an easy to install, cost effective and lightweight thermal mass solution.

The role of a building’s thermal mass can be of benefit during warm weather when it absorbs heat, thereby preventing overheating and creating a more comfortable working environment. In naturally ventilated or air-conditioned buildings the thermal mass reduces the cooling demand on mechanical air-conditioning systems during the day. Then by allowing cool air to ventilate the building at night, the heat energy that has been stored throughout the day is removed.

Stabilising effect of thermal mass on internal temperature


This daily heating and cooling cycle works particularly well in countries such as the UK and Europe where night time temperatures are typically around 10 degrees less than peak daytime temperatures, making it an effective way of drawing heat from the structure of the building.